Student’s Poetry About Invisible Illnesses To Be Published

Senior Emily Manner is now a published poet! She entered one of her poems in the Appelley Publishing National Student Poetry Contest and was chosen to be published in the Appelley Publishing 2017 Rising Stars Collection!
The poem, Silently Suffering, reflects Emily’s daily struggle with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). “I unfortunately suffer from four invisible chronic illnesses,” she said. “This poem speaks specially about dealing daily with my diagnosis of POTS. My poem helps to describe the struggles I deal with because of my illnesses that most people might not know are happening.”
Emily has been dabbling in poetry since grade school but really become passionate about poetry in high school. After hearing about this contest, she thought about all of the poems that she had written and decided this poem had the best message and could help others if it was published.
Emily takes AP English courses, IB Music, and is an Honors Choir and Honors Molecular Genetics student. She hopes to attend Bowling Green State University and study Environmental Science. She also plans on continuing to serve others and explore her passion of music.
She is involved in the Honors’ Choir, president of the NDA Knitting Club, a varsity bowler, and in the St. Francis deSales musical. Emily serves on the Migrant Ministry and Appalachia Mission Teams. She is also deeply involved in her parish St. Catherine of Sienna Parish. We invite you to read her winning poem:
Silently Suffering
Silently Suffering is what I do
I lay in pain in bed all night
Longing for sleep while my insomnia fights
Only to get up the next morning, grab breakfast and pills
While yet again my nausea kills
At lunch I must eat a good amount
Otherwise I might pass out
I cannot forget to eat some salt
For my blood pressure would drop without
I eat mints like kids do candy
And always have a water bottle handy
I stand and sit all day
While my joints cry out in pain
I do homework till my meds wear out
And my brain starts to shout
I’ll take a shower but I cannot dwell
For my body starts to swell
And go to bed puzzling
Why no one will see my suffering
For it is done silently
But violently