Sneha Mashalkar and Audrey Chisolm attend STEAM Code-A-Thon

Two NDA students took part in a Code-A-Thon with other middle and high school students from Toledo to Fremont staying overnight at Terra State Community College to learn about coding as they worked in small groups and built their own websites.

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NDA 8th grader Sneha Mashalkar and senior Audrey Chisolm were both on the Sandusky winning team.

Teams were formed and members collaborated on how to code, program and build their own web site. We Connect the Dots is a non-profit organization that through partnerships with technology industry leaders will help to populate STEAM related fields with focused and driven students who are drawn to these industries. Their mission is to excite, inform, and educate students about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) careers.

When asked about her Cod-A-Thon weekend, Sneha Mashalkar said, “One of the things I’ve learned about STEAM, from attending this weekend, is how to compromise and work as a team to solve problems. STEAM is our future and I am hoping that I when I become a doctor I can take my coding skills with me and apply it to my profession.”

“Learning coding and the language in a short period was a lot,” Audrey Chisolm said. “They packed HTML, JavaScript, and CSS into a few hours, but they made the learning very manageable. I want to be involved in video game design and electronic arts. Being able to understand the abilities and limitations of coding is vital to working with programmers in a team setting or even when working on my own.”

For more information on We Connect the Dots or to view photos of the award winning teams and projects, visit: or