Shruti Daya Featured as a Young Women of Toledo Member Promoting Women Empowerment

Established in 2014, Inclusive for Women Inc. – Women of Toledo (WOT) ( is a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving the Greater Toledo community that advocate for diversity and economic empowerment. This grassroots educational organization has a very diverse group of women leaders committed to bringing together young girls and women to learn from and about each other. Part of the Inter-generational Connection program is where a space is created where girls, young women and women of different generations can interact and support one another. Creating inter-generational spaces, based on non-hierarchical and anti-oppression frameworks, allows for the emergence of transformational leadership that draws on the contributions of all generations. It is within this program where Young Women of Toledo (YWOT) are involved. (Via: The WOT mission is to educate, engage, and empower women and young women to keep moving forward.

Shruti Daya, is on the YWOT Committee is a junior at Notre Dame Academy. She is a member of the Building Bridges club, Student Council, and is a Student Advocate for Safe Schools. Shruti said to the WOT group that being at an all girls’ school provides many opportunities to experience and promote women’s empowerment, especially during Notre Dame’s Feminine Genius Day!

According to the September newsletter for the WOT, Shurti is  a daughter of immigrants from India, She credits her work ethic and drive to her parents. Having a strong mother has pushed her to reach out to other girls who are not blessed with a positive female role model, while working on projects that aim to heal social, political, and personal divisions in her school and community. Shruti radiates the positivity and support that she received from her family and friends onto other women.  Shruti takes advantage of her privilege and uses it to help other women by being involved in Women of Toledo’s mission to Educate, Engage and Empower other women. Currently she holds a position as our YWOT Committee Advisory, Shruti works very closely with our Managing Director, Nina Corder, with YWOT expansion and development strategy. She is excited to be a part of Women of Toledo’s close-knit community filled with diverse women and to learn from those who all have unique stories to share. Congratulations Shruti on involving yourself as a “Women of Vision!”