NDA and Annecy, France Participate in Cultural Student Exchange

NDA would like to introduce you to Lilena Mathieu  and  Clemence Lecompte who are both seniors and are both from Annecy, France (home of St. Francis). NDA is sharing in a program with St. Francis deSales where our school families host students from France and then our students spend time in France to experience student life in Annecy. This experience is more of a cultural exchange as they are not with us a full semester. Lilena and Clemence will be at NDA until October 31 when they return to France.From November 16-25 sophomores Maddy Miller, Shea Skinner,and Riley Skinner,senior Sophie Nijakowski, and junior Grace Levine will travel to Annecy to experience student life.

The girls said they are loving NDA. According to Clemence, ” really enjoy the day here at NDA. The girls are very nice to me and I understand what is going on in most of the classrooms.  I feel like every here is comfortable and happy. ”  The girls are looking forward to attending local high school boys football games and possible a trip to Halloweekends at Cedar Point!