NDA is committed to our mission statement that, ” NDA promotes the holistic development and empowerment of young women for leadership and service by providing an exceptional educational experience.” This empowerment happens on and off campus in many classes, activities, clubs and sports. Recently, Mrs. Morgan’s 21st Century Global Issues class spent the day at the University Of Toledo so they could be part of a change in the 2018 Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference.  Students were so inspired and involved in these issues they along with Mrs. Morgan decided to bring the issue and information that they learned to NDA and hold a Lunch and Learn for all students who wanted to know more.  The 21st Century Global Issues students spoke to almost 60 students and  revealed that Toledo, Ohio remains one of the largest major recruiting hubs hubs for human trafficking, how to tell if a friend might be involved in a traffic situation or being groomed, and they also discussed resources where to get help locally.

According to senior Taylor Diggins, ” I didn’t how bad human trafficking was and how close to home things were happening. I also thought it was very interesting how a “trafficker” will break you down psychologically. It is very sad” Student and staff that atteneded the session agreed that it was unsettling but very informative.