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The Hall of Fame Award was and has inducted 70 distinguished recipients. In recognition of their community and professional leadership, two Notre Dame Academy Alumnae, Patty Lewis Sopko ’81, and Sister Delores Gatliff, SND ’68, were inducted into the NDA Hall of Fame: Women of Vision on April 27, 2018. These women live the Notre Dame Academy mission of professionalism, leadership, and service in the community and are an inspiration to all women, everywhere. Their lives reflect the Gospel values and ideals so integral to NDA.

Congratulations 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Patty Lewis Sopko ’81 – Professional Service Award which honors professional career achievement that reflects the excellence and values inherent in the Notre Dame Academy mission. Patti​ is a native of Toledo, Ohio and graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 1981. She went on to pursue a nursing career, earning her Bachelors of Nursing and Masters of Nursing degrees from The University of Toledo (UT). She earned many outstanding honor society and leadership awards from UT and throughout the community. After 17 years as a labor and delivery nurse, she made her way to the opposite end of the spectrum by working for Hospice Care. Her compassion and empathy produced a warm, comforting setting for end of life care. She strove to ease her patients’ and their families’ pain in any way possible.  In 2010, she pursued her lifelong passion of becoming an instructor for The University of Toledo’s College of Nursing where she was highly successful. She is a Student Nurses’ Adviser; was awarded the College of Nursing’s Excellence in Education Award five times and became a certified Nurse Educator in 2014. One of the highest honors at The University of Toledo was bestowed upon her in 2017, when she received the Outstanding Teaching Award.

Sister Delores Gatliff, SND ’68Service Leadership Award which honors NDA Alumnae who have demonstrated use of their God-given gifts of time, talent or treasure through exemplary gospel service on a local, national or international scale.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in education from Mary Manse College in Toledo and her Master’s Degree in Formative Spirituality from Duquesne University in Pittsburg. She spent more than 20 years teaching at Notre Dame Academy and several years as an elementary school teacher at St. Wendelin in Fostoria and Ladyfield School in Toledo.  Sr. Delores has served the Diocese of Toledo for seven years as the Vocation Director and was the Vocation Director for the Toledo Province of the Sisters of Notre Dame for three years. Since 2009, she has served as the Provincial Superior for the Toledo Sisters. She was instrumental in helping many young men and women discern the priesthood and consecrated life. She is truly a woman whose leadership has touched many individuals throughout the Diocese of Toledo and the congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Through her many years of leadership, she has lived and carried the spirit of NDA to people here in Toledo, as well as far into the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. She is a gift to Sisters of Notre Dame congregation and to the Church. 


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    Anna (Morgenstern) Schetter, 1913
    Sr. Mary Theophane Sullivan, SND, 1928
    Rosemary (Hill) Wernert, 1930
    Dr.Marian Rejent, MD, 1938
    Betty (Plummer) Clay, 1940
    Sr. Mary Virginia Sayers, SJW, MD, 1945
    Beverly Domalski, 1948
    Honorable Alice (Robie) Resnick, 1957
    Margaret (Chavalia) Michalak, 1957
    Mary Anne Fackleman-Miner, 1966


    Louise Culpert, 1930
    Bernadine (Wambold) Skeldon, 1941
    Christine (Reynolds) Holliday, 1970
    Mary Beth Lavey, 1976


    Virginia (DeLaney) Hood, 1918
    Sr. Mary Immaculee Heinl, SND, 1940
    Dr. Mary Ann (Paulinski) Heinrichs, 1948


    Blanche Marie (Welter) Halpin, 1918
    Gertrude Rejent, 1936
    Sr. Joanne Mary Frania, SND, 1957
    Barbara Blaine, 1974


    Dr. Sharyn Mallanmad Sutton, Ph.D., 1970
    Sheryl Deindoerfer Favorite, 1980


    Dr. Rowena Sim, 1980
    Sr. Mary Carol Gregory, SND, 1958
    Patricia (Beazley) Sanders, 1971


    Sr. Mary Patricia Snyder, SND, 1943
    Patricia Byrne, 1944
    Sr. Patricia Ann Dalke, RSM, 1949
    Julie (Nichols) Dangelo, 1979
    Stephany (Czech) Dobosz, 1979
    Rita Mansour, 1983


    Donna Jeanne (Chambers) Bremer, 1945
    Dr. Nancy (Ainsworth) Sattler, 1968
    Janet Miller, 1972
    Pariciai Savage-McNamara, 1985

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  • 2006

    Dr. Patricia (Donahue) Hageman, MD,1954
    Mary Chris (Zychowicz) Skeldon, 1970
    Kathleen (Woods) Kolodgy, 1976


    Pamela (Niedermeier) Edgell, 1973
    Karen (Dulinski) Brown, 1971
    Barbara (Culpert) Yavorcik, 1974


    Suzanne (Malloy) Conrad, 1951
    Kelly Savage, 1986
    Sr. Miriam Eble, SND, 1958


    Dr. Leslie Fenwick, 1979
    Dr. Asma (Rafeeq) Ansari, 1997


    Sr. Mary Carroll Schmenauer, SND, 1957
    Dr. Catherine Kelly, MD, 1977
    Dr. Suzanne (Openlander) Frankie, 1953


    Sr. Mary Charleen Hug, 1958
    Dr. Mary Pat Borgess, 1969
    Sr. Mary Vivette Baker, 1960
    Darrah (Carr) Byrne, 1992


    Sr. Mary Rose Groth, SND, 1949
    Mary Beth Beazley, 1975
    Susan (Pollock) Litle, 1978


    Jacqueline Jenks, 1989
    Cherron Payne, Esq., 1992


    Nancy (Savage) Coyle, 1949
    Sr. Mary Irene Gerdeman, SND, 1964
    Dr. Cynthia Otto, DVM, PHD, 1979


    Jennifer Benedict, 1991
    Dr. Mary Lynne Hedley, 1979

    Lois (LaPlante) Tate, 1948
    Marcy (Gross) McMahon, 1967
    Dr. Laura (Miller) Graff, 2004

    Sara McHugh ’76,
    Sr. Mary Jo Toll ’62,
    Elinore Westrick Vascik ‘51