Rebecca Martin and Anna Flores Receive Art Awards in Governor Exhibition

The NDA Visual Arts Department would like to recognize art students who received awards in the 2017 Art Criticism Open – a writing competition that includes analysis and interpretation of an artwork. Both of these young ladies wrote their critiques as freshman in Art 1. Their critiques were juried over the summer and were notified of the results last semester. Current sophomore, Rebecca Martin now a sophomore in Art II, received an Honorable Mention for her critique of Adoration of the Magi by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

Juror, Dr. Jeanie Auseon, commented that, “Though the artwork’s title, Adoration of the Magi, reveals essential meaning and story within the painting, Becca does not rush into relating the meaning of the piece. Instead, through careful observation, she considers several ways in which the artist’s decision making regarding the use of elements and principles of design and compositional placement resulted in the creation of a unique and successful re-telling of a familiar story.”
Sophomore Anna Flores received first place in the state of Ohio for her critique of Sunlight on the Coast by Winslow Homer.

Dr. Auseon comments, “Congratulations Anna for comprehensively describing and analyzing what on the surface seems a straight forward depiction of nature. Her heightened sensitivity to the many visual clues within the composition resulted in a multi-layered interpretation of the profound power of nature in our lives; as well as recognition of the painter’s artistic thinking, and masterful blending of media.”

Both Becca and Anna will be awarded at the opening reception for the 2017 Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition which will be held in April in Columbus. At the end of Art I the students write a second art criticism essay on a work from the Toledo Museum of Art. Essays are sent to the Art Criticism contest that is part of the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition competitions. The essays are juried by professionals and then awards announced the next spring. In 2017, NDA had two students that had taken AP Art History as sophomores honored in first and second place, Caroline Dziubek and Mary Gerhardinger. Recently NDA received news that Anna Flores, who was a freshmen in Art I and now is in Art II, won first place in the 2017 Art Criticism Open.  She will be honored in Columbus in April of 2018.

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo- Adoration of the Magi
Winslow Homer – Sunlight on the Coast