Alycia Boutrand ’18 Receives Full Year of College Credit Due to IB Coursework

Alycia Boutrand ’18 began her first year at The University of Toledo as all other freshmen at UT.  The exception is that Alycia’s collegiate journey will be shorter than her classmates because she received 29 college credits, which equals a full academic year, for  her International Baccalaureate(IB) courses she took at NDA!

NDA is the ONLY IB World School that offers the prestigious academic IB Diploma Program in nw Ohio!  And I am really glad I took IB, because now I see how it pays off, and it is really satisfying,” Alycia said.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a rigorous, two-year comprehensive curriculum for grades eleven and twelve that prepares you for post-secondary study through courses and instructional techniques that emphasizes critical thinking, application of knowledge and an interdisciplinary approach with strong international focus. Recognized around the world as an International Baccalaureate World School, we were the FIRST all-girls school in Ohio to begin IB and are the ONLY recognized IB Diploma Programme School in northwest Ohio. You may self-select to either receive a full  IB diploma or subject-area certificate.

All colleges offer credit for IB coursework. NDA graduates have earned up to one year of college credit.  NDA also has implemented a Pre-IB Programme with our 7th and 8th grade students that includes practicing the IB Learner Profile, the IB Approaches to Learning, as well as, a Creativity, Service and Action Project (CAS) as we prepare them to become IB learners!