U.S. Navel Academy Visits NDA

Today, NDA welcomed The U.S. Naval Academy to speak and with with students during a luncheon Dine and Do!  Students gathered at lunch to listed to United States Navy Midshipman, Samantha K. Meinen and Captain Arthur Wickerham, a United States Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer.  Did you know that upon being accepted to the Academy, candidates receive an education worth $400,000? Midshipman Meinin explained to the girls that the application process begins while the candidate is still in high school and includes grades, test scores and letters of recommendation. Perspective Naval Academy candidates are encouraged to take Chemistry, Physics and Calculus,  must be physically fit, and exhibit leadership in school and community. The speakers were well-received by the students who asked a lot of questions such as; what does the Academy offer in careers options, how to best prepare for the Academy, and what kind of jobs are offered?