Students Use IB Learner Profile Skills in Three Dimentional Art

Students in Mrs. Kozal’s Three Dimensional Art Class brought famous art creations to life. This is a hands-on class where students learn the basic principles of making sculpture and ceramics and includes students from grades 8 -12. Students were asked to research and study a particular artist. Using elements of the IB Learner Profile this assignment involved skills like problem-solving, risk taking, and inquiry according to Mrs. Susan Kozal, NDA Art Teacher. “Elements of the IB Learner Profile were present throughout this project,” she explained. “Students also needed to be open-minded during their research and journaling becoming knowledgeable of the artist’s style, struggles, and emotions during that time period the piece was created.” “Problem solving comes in when the students took a 2-D composition and tried to scale it to 3-D,” she added. Eighth grader Isabel Smith said that this was the first project that she had to research, study, and write about before beginning an art piece. “I read, journaled, and really thought about Albrecht Durer, my artist, before re-creating this piece.  I felt more at ease on this assignment because I knew more of his style so I was able to focus more on details and really dig deep into this piece,” she said.