Marketing and advertising executives, graphic designers, engineers, news stations, psychiatrists, intervention specialists, attorneys, judges, audiologists, biologists, accountants, surgeons, emergency physicians, neurologists, urban planners and even Facebook and Google employees are missing something this week!

They are missing a senior from NDA who spent time with them last week for their Senior Project.

All 153 seniors returned to campus yesterday to share the experience with their homerooms. Some students explained that the experience solidified their career choices, while others said that it really made them question their path. They shared their experiences in hospitals, courtrooms, business meetings, news rooms, and schools. Most senior projects were local, however students traveled to cities like New York and Chicago for their project.

What advice did they give? Seniors told the underclass-women to take their senior project time seriously and start early setting up their experiences. Juniors Carly Krulikowski and Katie Davis are both taking that advice and have decided to set up their projects this summer. Isabelle Tucker ‘18 has decided to contact the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to set up her project in graphic design and art after hearing about the many seniors who traveled out of town for their project.

Thank you seniors for your sharing your stories and advice…..Notre Dame Academy…..Creating Women of Vision!