NDA Welcomes New Resource Director

NDA would like to introduce new resource center director, Mrs. Jessica Smithers.  Mrs. Smithers also teaches Web Design & Coding courses at NDA as well as now directing the resource center.
“We are incredibly blessed to have a wonderful space for the girls to study, research, and learn  With the addition of our maker space and some upcoming changes to the Resource Center, my hope is that it will become an even more inviting space that will encourage learning, creativity, and collaboration.  Mrs. Smithers grew up in Perrysburg and graduated from Perrysburg High School.  “I began playing the piano when I was seven,  and have had a love for music ever since.  I have played piano at church since I was thirteen and I continue to volunteer there,” she said. “My love for coding started in junior high when I began creating websites for fun and 20 later, I still love coding and computers!”  Welcome to NDA!