Notre Dame Academy invited Richard Guerry, the Executive Director for The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (IROC2), Author, and International Public Speaker, to present the award winning program: Public & Permanent: Motivate Responsible Use of Technology & Prevent Digital Abuse to parents, students, faculty, and staff.
“You will never have total privacy in this digital world,” said Guerry. “Most users rely heavily on privacy settings on social medial, spyware, or apps, but you are never truly private. Anything that is posted online needs to be considered public and permanent.”
With the introduction of personal identifications sites, auto-tagging in social media, and location services and geo-tags your digital footprint is extremely difficult to protect. Cyber-bullying, poor social media behaviors, and other current and future cyber issues were also discussed.
Kyler Foster, a current 8th grader at NDA, said after the assembly, “He really made me think more about how I am using social media and how I need to be even more private in what I am posting!”
Mr. Guerry speaks to students, educators, parents, child advocates, and law enforcement personnel across the country on the importance of maintaining a digital consciousness to prevent and avoid current – and future – digital issues. (