NDA is looking for TWO Host Families for 2017-2018 school year!

Have you ever wondered about hosting an International Student?  Notre Dame Academy is currently looking for TWO host families for international students from China and Spain that have been accepted and will begin in the Fall of 2017!  Both can speak English, are open to all kinds of foods, want to spend time with an American family and to be part of the family. Both are good at their studies and will help out around the house.

Students available:
1.Cristina–sophomore from Spain–likes golf and sports, loves to attend church and is Catholic.

2.Sky--junior from China—likes theater, loves to workout and be outdoors, is not Catholic but loves to attend church with her family.

We encourage you and your family to consider hosting an international student for the next school year.  Do you and your family want to learn a new language and culture, want to help a student from another country learn more about the US? Then this experience is for you! We have students all ages waiting for a place to call home in the US.

Any of the following situations can work as a Host Family: NDA families, young couples, retirees, single parents raising teenage (or younger) children, couples whose children have left home, single people with no children. There is no perfect setting required. Just love and support, a bed and place to store their things.

Consider some of these benefits of hosting.

  • Gain an international daughter to share your families experiences!
  • Expand your family’s horizons, connect them to the world and expose them to new cultures
  • Create relationships between your family and the student for life! Many of the NDA international students are still in contact with their families years after going back home.

Our international students love experiencing our american culture and traditions as much as we love learning about their customs, foods, and celebrations. Please contact Ms. Angela Joseph, International Student Coordinator, at 419.725.1253 to learn more about the benefits of being a host family and how you can sign up to host a future NDA International Student!