Kayla Goolsby ’19 Interns in University Chemistry Research

The University of Toledo’s (UT) Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry sponsored/mentored five students in the summer of 2017.  Notre Dame Academy’s Kayla Goolsby ’19 was one of the five chosen! Mrs. Kathy Wilkens, science teacher at NDA, encouraged Kayla to apply and had also recommended her for the internship. If chosen,students work on a chemistry research project at  UT through a Project Seed grant from the American Chemical Society (ACS).  This grant is meant to support high school students to explore chemistry and encourage them to pursue the chemical sciences as a career.  Also, if they participate in two years of Project Seed, they are eligible to apply for special college scholarships from ACS.

At the end of the summer, Kayla spoke on,“Synthesis and Post Synthetic Modification of Metal-Organic Frameworks Towards New Ligand Platforms for Gold Catalysis” at a program reception. Professor Young, who heads The Young Group in UT’s Department of Chemistry Department, is dedicated to developing novel methods for sustainable synthesis of pharmaceutical, fine, and bulk chemicals. He is hoping that Kayla returns in the summer of 2018 to continue her research.

Photo credit: (http://homepages.utoledo.edu/myoung31/members.html)