Today’s schedule for student at NDA included service and the annual pilgrimage.  The theme this year was St. Mother Theresa’s Journey of Humility. Students have been learning about St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta in theology classes and concluded the lesson focus today with a video and prayer.  After prayer and a short discussion, all students, grades 7-12, performed a service activity.  The handmade projects included: Christmas cards for children and staff at Hogar Emmanuel, coloring books for Mariposa Foundation, place-mats for the  Appalachia Mission Trip,  Appalachia-at-home Christmas party, and for the Sisters of Notre Dame Christmas dinner, PB& Jelly sandwiches for Cherry Street Mission,  Thanksgiving cards and cookies for Ronald McDonald House families,  onesies for the babies at Heartbeat, lunch sacks for Art for Thought for Food for Thought and Thanksgiving cards for nursing homes.

Campus Ministry Fiat (Faith in Action Team) students lead the Litany of Humility.  This pilgrimage happens to ensure moments of grace and spiritual renewal. To see all of our students, at once, giving to others, and then traveling together to the Cathedral in honor or St. Mother Teresa was extremely moving for all.  NDA….we are blessed.