Faculty & Staff

Notre Dame Academy Faculty & Staff
 Mrs. Karri Adler  Math Department  kadler@nda.org
 Ms. Annie An  Foreign Language Department  aan@nda.org
 Mrs. Jessica Beaverson  Science Department  jbeaverson@nda.org
 Dr. Robert Beck  Science Department  rbeck@nda.org
 Mrs. Kris Beeks  Nurse  kbeeks@nda.org      419.724.1284
 Mrs. Lauren Boyles-Brewitt  Counseling Department A-F / Summer Program Coordinator  lboylesbrewitt@nda.org    419.724.1008
 Mrs. Cyndy Brookover  Accounting Clerk  cbrookover@nda.org    419.724.1274
 Mr. Joe Brown Maintenance  jbrown@nda.org        419.724.1292
 Ms. Alyssa Burke  Technology Assistant  aburke@nda.org        419.724.1285
 Ms. Kate Caventer  Foreign Language  kcaventer@nda.org
 Mrs. Chris Chapman  Science Department  cchapman@nda.org
 Ms. Gail Christie  Director of Marketing, Enrollment,
& the Annual Fund
 gchristie@nda.org      419.724.1295
 Mrs. Diane Clark  Assistant Athletic Director
& Testing Coordinator
 dclark@nda.org        419.724.1275
 Mrs. Pat Cluckey Maintenance  pcluckey@nda.org
 Mrs. Cathy Cook  Foreign Language Department (Chair)  ccook@nda.org
 Mr. Steve Coppens  Science Department  scoppens@nda.org
 Ms. Jennifer Corona  Finance  jcorona@nda.org
 Mrs. Beth Corrigan  Social Studies Department  bcorrigan@nda.org
 Sr. Colleen Marie Cousino, SND  Science/IT  ccousino@nda.org
 Ms. Judy Cousino  Dean of Students  jcousino@nda.org
 Sr. Mary Ann Culpert, SND  President  maculpert@nda.org
 Mr. Dave DeChristopher  Performing Arts Department  ddechristopher@nda.org
 Mr. Steve Demski  Building Supervisor  sdemski@nda.org
 Ms. Gloria Denos  Theology Department  gdenos@nda.org
 Mrs. Anastasia Desmond  Career Counselor  adesmond@nda.org
 Ms. Sophie Doray  Foreign Language Department  sdoray@nda.org
 Mr. Michael Downing  Vice President for Institutional Advancement  mdowning@nda.org    419.724.1290
 Mrs. Tricia Dunn  Director of Finance & Operations  tdunn@nda.org      419.724.1272
 Mrs. Pam Edgell  Physical Education Department (Chair)  pedgell@nda.org
 Ms. Natalie Eisel  Social Studies Department  neisel@nda.org@nda.org
 Mrs. Theresa Emrick  Director of Admissions  temrick@nda.org    419.724.1280
 Mrs. Laura Firsdon  Assistant to the Dean of Students & Attendance  lfirsdon@nda.org
 Mrs. Joan Funk  Physical Education & Math Departments  jfunk@nda.org
 Mrs. Laura Gallaher  Language Arts Department (Chair)  lgallaher@nda.org
 Mrs. Annette Garvin  Office Administrator  agarvin@nda.org      419.724.1297
 Mr. Joe Gerhardinger  Math Department  jgerhardinger@nda.org
 Mrs. Kim Grilliot  Principal  kgrilliot@nda.org      419.724.1289
 Mr. Matthew Gruenwald  Math Department  mgruenwald@nda.org
 Mrs. Marcia Holtz  Business Education (Chair)  mholtz@nda.org
 Mrs. Susie Huffman  Social Studies Department (Chair)  shuffman@nda.org
 Ms. Beth Hummer  Music Department  bhummer@nda.org
 Mrs. Lauren Jakubisin  Co-Director of Pastoral Services  ljakubisin@nda.org
 Mrs. Amy Johns  Music Department (Chair)  ajohns@nda.org
 Mrs. Angela Joseph  International Baccalaureate Coordinator
& Social Studies Department
 ajoseph@nda.org      419.724.1253
 Mrs. Amy Kall  Counseling Department G-L  akall@nda.org
 Mrs. Amy Kasprzak  Social Studies Department  akasprzak@nda.org
 Mr. Scott Kay  Theology Department  skay@nda.org
 Ms. Kathy Kessler  Executive Assistant to the President  kkessler@nda.org
 Mrs. Helen Kirk  Volunteer Coordinator  hkirk@nda.org
Mrs. Susan Kozal  Art Department (Chair)  skozal@nda.org
 Mr. Chris Laney  Science Department  claney@nda.org
 Mrs. Sarah Leis  Fine and Performing Arts Department  sleis@nda.org
 Dr. Lisa Lucilio  Social Studies Department  llucilio@nda.org
 Mrs. Kristine Malik  Social Studies Department  kmalik@nda.org
 Dr. Christine Manzey  Science Department (Chair)  cmanzey@nda.org
 Mrs. Katie Maskey  Director of Alumnae Relations  kmaskey@nda.org
 Mrs. Kathryn McGowan  Resource Center  kmcgowan@nda.org
 Mr. John McLaughlin  Math Department  jmclaughlin@nda.org
 Mrs. Adrian Meier  College Counselor  ameier@nda.org      419.724.1007
 Mrs. Nicole Mettler  Art Department  nmettler@nda.org
 Mrs. Karen Miller  Tuition Assistant  kmiller@nda.org    419.724.1271
 Mrs. Marcia Miller  Math Department (Chair)  mmiller@nda.org
 Mrs. Cindy Muir  Nurse  cmuir@nda.org      419.724.1284
 Mrs. Vivian Nelson  Math Department  vnelson@nda.org
 Mrs. Karen Niewiadomski  Performing Arts Department  kniewiadomski@nda.org
 Mrs. Kelly S. O’Loughlin  Public Relations and Advancement Specialist  koloughlin@nda.org    419.724.1264
 Mrs. Joy Ortyl  Science Department  jorytl@nda.org
 Mrs. Aimee Parks  Special Projects Coordinator  aparks@nda.org      419.724.1249
 Mrs. Liz Pelz Admissions Assistant  lpelz@nda.org      419.724.1269
 Mrs. Kelly Reed  Theology Department (Chair)  kreed@nda.org
 Mrs. Trish Sanders  Performing Arts Department (Chair)  tsanders@nda.org
 Mrs. Michele Saunders  Theology Department  msaunders@nda.org
 Mrs. LeAnn Schoenfelt  Guidance Administrative Assistant & ASP Clerk  lschoenfelt@nda.org
 Mrs. Julie Sells  Language Arts Department  jsells@nda.org
 Mrs. Bonnie Shambarger  Theology Department  bshambarger@nda.org
 Mrs. Rawaa Shikwana  Theology Department  rshikwana@nda.org
 Mr. Chip Smith  Language Arts Department  csmith@nda.org
 Mr. Gary Snyder  Athletic Director  gsnyder@nda.org
 Mrs. Jackie Sperling  Science Department  jsperling@nda.org
 Mrs. Allison Spring  English Department  aspring@nda.org
 Mr. Steve Strauss  Foreign Language Department  sstrauss@nda.org
 Mr. Jim Sulier  Counseling Department M-Z  jsulier@nda.org
 Mrs. Lindsey Sutton  Language Arts Department  lsutton@nda.org
 Mrs. Alison Tansey  Foreign Language Department  atansey@nda.org
 Ms. Nora Tighe  Language Arts Department  ntighe@nda.org
 Mrs. Cyndy Tunison  Maintenance  ctunison@nda.org
 Mrs. Merideth Wagoner  Special Events Coordinator  mwagoner@nda.org    419.724.1291
 Mrs. Jean Walker  Language Arts Department  jwalker@nda.org
 Mrs. Marla Wietrzykowski  Advancement Assistant  mwietro@nda.org    419.724.1279
 Mrs. Kathleen Wilkens  Science Department  kwilkens@nda.org
 Mr. Dustin Williams  Maintenance  dwilliams@nda.org    419.724.1252
 Mr. Jeff Williams  Director of Technology
& Network Administrator
 jwilliams@nda.org    419.724.1283
 Mrs. Kelly Wood  Language Arts Department  kwood@nda.org
 Sr. Mary Gail Wrasman, SND  Supervision  gwrasman@nda.org
 Mrs. Laurie Yeager  Receptionist  lyeager@nda.org
 Mrs. Andrea Zimmerman  Dean of Academics  azimmerman@nda.org  419.724.1263
 Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman, SND  Co-Director of Pastoral Services  jzimmerman@nda.org  419.724.1250
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