Faculty & Staff



Mrs. Karri Adler
University of Toledo, B.A. Business
University of Toledo, M. Ed.
Adler_Mrs. Karri6
 Math Department
Ms. Ning (Annie) An 
Yanshan University, Hebei, P.R. China, B.A. English
University of Toledo, M.A.
An_Ms. Annie13
 Modern & Classical Language Department 
Mrs. Jessica Beaverson
Lourdes University, B.S. Life Sciences
Lourdes University, M.Ed. 
 Beaverson_Mrs. Jessica37
  Science Department    
Dr. Robert Beck 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SB Aeronautics and Astronautics
Michigan State University, M.S. Material & Ph.D. Material Science
 Beck_Dr. Robert38
 Science Department
Mrs. Kris Beeks
Milligan College, B.S.N.
Ext. 1284
Beeks_Mrs. Kris39
Mrs. Lauren Boyles-Brewitt
Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ed.
University of Toledo, M.Ed. Guidance and Counseling
Ext. 1008
 Boyles-Brewitt_Mrs. Lauren57
 Guidance Counselor A-F/Summer Program Coordinator
Mrs. Cyndy Brookover   
University of Toledo, B.S. Business Administration
University of Akron, A.A.S. in Early Childhood Education
Ext. 1274
Ms. Alyssa Burke  
Davis Community College, A.A.B. Computer Networking 
Ext. 1274
Technical Support Specialist 
Ms. Kate Caventer
Bowling Green State University, B.A. Spanish
University of Toledo, M.Ed.  
Caventer_Ms. Katherine91
 Foreign Language
Mrs. Christine Chapman
University of Toledo, B.S. Biology
University of Toledo, M.Ed. 
Chapman_Mrs. Chris92
 Science Department
Mrs. Diane Clark,’75
University of Toledo, B.A. Education
Ext. 1275
Clark_Mrs. Diane100
Assistant Athletic Director/Testing Coordinator
Mrs. Pat Cluckey
Mr. Steve Coppens
University of Toledo, B.S. Biology
Eastern Michigan University, Miami University, M.A. Zoology
Coppens_Mr. Steve107
 Science Department
Ms. Jennifer Corona
University of Toledo, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Ext. 1270
Corona_Ms. Jennifer109
Sr. Colleen Marie Cousino, SND, ’79
Bowling Green State University, B.S. Chemistry Ed.
University of Dayton, M.A. Education
 Cousino_Sr. Colleen113
Ms. Judy Cousino
Aquinas College, B.S. Biology/Health/Phys. Ed.
University of Toledo, M. Ed. 
Ext. 1278
 Dean of Students
Sr. Mary Ann Culpert, SND, ’75
Bowling Green State University, B.S. Ed.
University of Dayton, M.S. Ed. Guidance/Counseling/Administration
Culpert_Sr. Mary Ann121
Mr. Patrik Davison
Mr. Dave DeChristopher
Washington & Lee University, B.A. Theatre
Hunter College, M.A. Theatre & Film 
DeChristopher_Mr. Dave133
 Performing Arts Department
Mr. Steve Demski 
Owens Community College, A.A. 
Demski_Mr. Steve144
 Building Supervisor
Ms. Gloria Denos
Notre Dame College,  B.A. Health-Phys. Ed. 
John Carroll University, M.A. Religious Ed. 
Denos_Ms. Gloria145
 Theology Department
Mrs. Anastasia Desmond
Christendom College, B.A. Political Science & Economics
Bowling Green State University, M.A. Curriculum & Instruction
Ext. 1009  
Desmond_Mrs. Anastasia146
 Career Counselor
Ms. Sophie Doray
University of Toledo, B.A. French   
Ms. Marie-Sophie Doray
 Foreign Language Department
Mrs. Tricia Dunn
University of Illinois, B.S. Accounting
Ext. 1272
Dunn_Mrs. Tricia163
 Director of Finance & Operations
Mrs. Pam Edgell, ’73
University of Toledo, B.S. Physical Education/Health  
Edgell_Mrs. Pam172
 Physical Education Department (Chair)
Mrs. Theresa Emrick
Bowling Green State University, B.A. Business Communications
Bowling Green State University, M.A. Interpersonal & Public Communication 
Ext. 1280
Emrick_Mrs. Theresa179
 Director of Admissions
Ms. Lauren Farrell
University of Dayton, B.A. International Studies
University of Dayton, M.A. Pastoral Ministry
 Modern & Classical Language Department  lfarrell@nda.org
Mr. Casey Feldstein
Miami University, B.S. Education


 Social Studies  cfeldstein@nda.org
Mrs. Laura Firsdon
University of Toledo, B.A. Business Administration 
Ext. 1276
Firsdon_Mrs. Laura192
 Assistant to the Dean of Students & Attendance
Mrs. Margaret FitzGerald
University of Michigan, B.A. Fine Arts
University of Michigan, M.A. Business Administration  
Ext 1295
 Director of Marketing and Communications
Mrs. Joan Funk
Bowling Green State University, B.A. Education  
Funk_Mrs. Joan207
 Physical Education & Math Departments
Mrs. Laura Gallaher
University of Toledo, B.A. English Education 
Gallaher_Mrs. Laura214
 Language Arts Department (Chair)
Mrs. Annette Garvin
Lourdes College, A.A.S. 
Ext. 1297
Garvin_Mrs. Annette218
 Office Administrator  agarvin@nda.org      
Mr. Joe Gerhardinger
Kenyon College, B.A. Mathematics
Ohio State University, M.A. Math Ed.
Indiana University, M.A. Mathematics  
Gerhardinger_Mr. Joe224
 Math Department  jgerhardinger@nda.org
Ms. Allison Gilmet
Central Michigan University B.S. English Education
Spring_Mrs. Allison659
 Language Arts  agilmet@nda.org
Mrs. Kim Grilliot
University of Findlay, B.A. Education
Bowling Green State University, M. Ed. Guidance/Counseling/Administration 
Ext. 1269
Grilliot_Mrs. Kim243
 Principal kgrilliot@nda.org    
Mr. Matthew Gruenwald
Bowling Green State University, B.S. Integrated Mathematics  
Gruenwald_Mr. Matthew245
 Math Department mgruenwald@nda.org
Mrs. Marcia Holtz
University of Toledo, B.A. Business Education 
Holtz_Mrs. Marcia285
 Business Education (Chair)  mholtz@nda.org
Mrs. Susan Huffman
Miami University, B.S. Ed. B.A. History
Bowling Green State University,M.A.T. History 
Huffman_Mrs. Susie295
 Social Studies Department (Chair) shuffman@nda.org
Mrs. Ann Hymel
Louisiana State University, B.A.
Lourdes University, M.A
 Fine Arts Department ahymel@nda.org
Mrs. Lauren Jakubisin
St. Vincent College, B.A. Catholic Theology  
Jakubisin_Mrs. Lauren312
 Co-Director of Pastoral Services  ljakubisin@nda.org
Mrs. Amy Johns
Bowling Green State University B.M.E. Choral; M.M. Vocal Performance 
Johns_Mrs. Amy317
 Music Department (Chair)  ajohns@nda.org
Mrs. Angela Joseph
Ohio Northern University, B.A. History & Education
Bowling Green University, M.A. Curriculum & Education 
Ext. 1253
 International Baccalaureate Coordinator
& Social Studies Department
Mrs. Amy Kasprzak
Lourdes College, B.A. Human Resource Management
University of Toledo, M.A. Secondary Education, AYA  Social Studies
Kasprzak_Mrs. Amy340
 Social Studies Department akasprzak@nda.org
Mr. Scott Kay
Loyola Mary Mount University, B.A. History/Religious Studies
Azusa Pacific University, M. Ed, P.E
Kay_Mr. Scott341
 Theology Department  skay@nda.org
Ms. Kathy Kessler
Ext. 1268

Kessler_Mrs. Kathy349

 Executive Assistant to the President kkessler@nda.org
Mrs. Susan Kozal
Siena Heights University,  B.F.A.
Michigan State University, M.A. 
 Kozal_Mrs. Susan371
 Art Department (Chair)  skozal@nda.org
Mrs. Ana Kraus  
University of Toledo, B.E.
 Volunteer Coordinator akraus@nda.org
Ms. Beth Lang
Bowling Green State University, B.M.
University of Missouri-Kansas City, M.M. Composition


 Music Department  blang@nda.org
Dr. Lisa Lucilio
Kent State University, B.A. Communications
Bowling Green State University, M.Ed.
University of Toledo, Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction 
Lucilio_Dr. Lisa417
 Social Studies Department  llucilio@nda.org
 Mrs. Kristine Malik
University of Toledo, B.E. 
University of Toledo, M.E. Curriculum & Instruction


Social Studies Department  kmalik@nda.org
Dr. Christine Manzey
University of Toledo, B.Ed. Science
University of Toledo, M.S. Science
University of Toledo, Ph.D. Science 
 Science Department (Chair)  cmanzey@nda.org
Mrs. Katie Maskey
Ext. 1277

Maskey_Mrs. Katie438

 Director of Alumnae Relations  kmaskey@nda.org
Mrs. Sara Mazur
Bowling Green State University, B.S.N. 


 Nurse  smazur@nda.org
Mr. John McLaughlin
Otterbein University, B.S. Middle Childhood Education
St. Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology, M.A.Catholic Philosophical Studies
McLaughlin_Mr. John450
 Math Department (Chair)  jmclaughlin@nda.org
Mrs. Adrian Meier
Ohio State University, B.S. Human Ecology
Central Michigan University, M.A. Counseling
Ext. 1007
Meier_Mrs. Adrian453
 College Counselor  ameier@nda.org     
Mrs. Nicole Mettler
Bowling Green State University, B.F.A.
Mettler_Mrs. Nicole456
 Art Department  nmettler@nda.org
Mrs. Karen Miller
Bowling Green State University, B.S. Accounting 
Ext. 1271
 Tuition Assistant  kmiller@nda.org    
Mrs. Marcia Miller
Bowling Green State University, B.S. Math Education 
Miller_Mrs. Marcia471
 Math Department   mmiller@nda.org
Ms. Natilie Morgan
University of Toledo, B.A., B.S. History
Lourdes University Educational Licensure, Integrated Social Studies
Eisel_Ms. Natalie176
 Social Studies Department  nmorgan@nda.org
Mrs. Vivian Nelson
University of Toledo, B.S. Math Education 
Nelson_Ms. Vivian500
 Math Department  vnelson@nda.org
Mrs. Karen Niewiadomski
Professional Choreographer (Specializing in theatre dance) 
Performing Arts Department  kniewiadomski@nda.org
Mrs. Kelly S. O’Loughlin
University of Toledo, B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
Ext. 1264
O_Loughlin_Mrs. Kelly508
Public Relations / Digital Marketing  koloughlin@nda.org    
Mrs. Aimee Parks
Lourdes College, B.A. Business Administration 
Ext 1249
Special Projects Coordinator  aparks@nda.org      
Mrs. Liz Pelz
Bluffton University, B.A. Youth Ministry and Recreation 
Ext. 1269
Pelz_Mrs. Elizabeth536
Admissions Assistant  lpelz@nda.org      
Mrs. Kelly Reed
Miami University, B.S. Business Education
Bowling Green State University, M.Ed. Business Education
Loyola University of New Orleans, M.A. Pastoral Studies 
Reed_Mrs. Kelly561
Theology Department (Chair)  kreed@nda.org
Ms. Cindy Roller
University of Toledo, B.E., Science
Bowling Green State University, M.A. Curriculum and Instruction



 Science Department  croller@nda.org
Mrs. Trish Sanders
University of Toledo, B.A. Drama/English
Bowling Green State University, M.A. English
Sanders_Mrs. Trish588
Performing Arts Department (Chair)  tsanders@nda.org
Mrs. Michele Saunders
Lourdes University, B.A. Theological Studies 
Saunders_Mrs. Michele592
Theology Department  msaunders@nda.org
Mrs. LeAnn Schoenfelt
University of Toledo, B. Ed. Science
Schoenfelt_Mrs. LeAnn600
Guidance Administrative Assistant & ASP Clerk  lschoenfelt@nda.org
Mrs. Julie Sells
Bowling Green State University, B.S. Communication Education
Bowling Green State University,M.A. Reading Education 
Sells_Mrs. Julie611
Language Arts Department  jsells@nda.org
Mrs. Bonnie Shambarger
Notre Dame College, B. Ed. English
Loyola University / New Orleans  M.A.  Religious Education 
Shambarger_Mrs. Bonnie614
Theology Department  bshambarger@nda.org
Mrs. Rawaa Shikwana
University of Mosul, B.A. Science & Math
Lourdes University, M.A. Theology
Shikwana_Mrs. Rawaa619 
Theology Department  rshikwana@nda.org
Mr. Chip Smith
University of Toledo, B.E. English &  Journalism 
Smith_Mr. Charles644
Language Arts Department  csmith@nda.org
Mrs. Faye Smith 
Walsh University, B.A. Theology      
University of Toledo, M.E.
 Campus Minister, Retreat & Service Coordinator            d  fsmith@nda.org
Ms. Lia Snell       
Ohio University, B.A. Psychology 


 Director of Resource Center  Lsnell@nda.org
Mr. Gary Snyder
Defiance College, B.A.  Communication
University of Toledo, J.D. 
Snyder_Mr. Gary649
 Athletic Director  gsnyder@nda.org
Mrs. Jackie Sperling
University of Toledo, B.S. Physics, M.Ed. 
Sperling_Mrs. Jackie655
Science Department  jsperling@nda.org
Mr. Steve Strauss
Hiram College, B.A. Classical History
Case Western Reserve University, J.D. 
Strauss_Mr. Steve666
Foreign Language Department  sstrauss@nda.org
Mr. Jim Sulier
University of Dayton, B.A. Psychology
University of Toledo, M.A. School Counseling 
Sulier_Mr. Jim671
Counseling Department M-Z  jsulier@nda.org
Mrs. Lindsey Sutton
Xavier University, B.A. English & Professional Ed.
University of Toledo, M.A. English 
Sutton_Mrs. Lindsay673
Language Arts Department  lsutton@nda.org
Mrs. Alison Tansey
University of Toledo, B.Ed. Spanish
University of Toledo, M.Ed. Spanish 
Tansey_Ms. Alison684
Foreign Language Department  atansey@nda.org
Ms. Nora Tighe
Xavier University, B.A. English
Tighe_Ms. Nora694
Language Arts Department  ntighe@nda.org
Mrs. Cyndy Tunison

Tunison_Mrs. Cyndy701

 Maintenance  ctunison@nda.org
Mrs. Merideth Wagoner
Denison University, B.A. History/Classics 
Ext. 1291
Wagoner_Mrs. Merideth717
Special Events Coordinator  mwagoner@nda.org   
Mrs. Jean Walker
University of Toledo, B.A. English 
Walker_Mrs. Jean718
Language Arts Department  jwalker@nda.org
Mrs. Kathleen Wilkens
Ohio State University, B.S. Chemical Engineering
University of Toledo, Education Licensure 
Wilkens_Mrs. Kathleen737
Science Department  kwilkens@nda.org
Mr. Dustin Williams
Bowling Green State University, B.S. Environmental Science 
Ext. 1252
Williams_Mr. Dustin740
 Maintenance  dwilliams@nda.org   
Mr. Jeff Williams
University of Findlay, A.A.  Computer Programming Technology
University of Findlay, B.S. Business Management 
Ext. 1283
Williams_Mr. Jeff741
 Director of Technology
& Network Administrator
Mrs. Kelly Wood
Ohio State University, B.A. English
Ohio State University M.Ed. 
Wood_Mrs. Kelly750
 Language Arts Department  kwood@nda.org
Sr. Mary Gail Wrasman, SND
Mary Manse College, B.A. Education
Ball State University, M.Ed. Math 
Wrasman_Sr. Gail752
Supervision  gwrasman@nda.org
Mrs. Laurie Yeager
Ext. 2100

Yeager_Mrs. Laurie756

 Receptionist  lyeager@nda.org
Mrs. Andrea Zimmerman
University of Toledo, B.A. Education
Lourdes University, M.Ed.
Ext. 1263
 Zimmerman_Mrs. Andrea762
 Dean of Academics  azimmerman@nda.org  
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